Accessing the app

I have registered

Once you are registered for saliva testing you will receive an email confirming app access. Follow the instructions in your confirmation email to get the app, or follow the details below under “get the app”

I haven’t registered

If you are a permitted worker who requires testing to cross the alert levels, please follow the information at to get registered for app access.

If you are part of the Border Workforce Testing Register (BWTR), your employer needs to opt you in for saliva testing on the BWTR; please allow up to 24hrs from the time of “ticking the box” on the BWTR for the data to come to us and setup to be completed. Your employer should be able to facilitate you opting in if this has not already occurred.

Get the app

Two options:

1. Scan the QR code using the camera on your smart phone. It will link you to the web app.

2. Or if you are viewing this on your phone click this link

We recommend you now save the web app to your phone home screen. Click below to find out how to do that.

Signing in to the app

  1. Enter your NHI number on the first window – the NHI is in your confirmation email, or learn how to find it here.
  2. Enter your Date of Birth – it must match what you entered when you registered
  3. The app will ask you to check your details are correct.
  4. You’re now logged in and can begin a saliva test collection

What happens if I get a new/different phone?

You will need to start the login process again for the COVID-19 Saliva Testing App.

Can I use somebody else’s phone with the App to request a saliva test and submit a sample?

No. Also, you must not let other people use the COVID-19 Saliva Testing App on
your smartphone. The COVID-19 Saliva Testing App on your phone is set up uniquely for you.

Experiencing issues when you visit the app?

We have found that when some users visit the web app through a link in their email or on a platform like Facebook, the app doesn’t appear as it should. We have seen this happen for Chrome browsers on the smartphone (this is sometimes related to a security feature and depends on the user’s specific set up). 

The current solution to this is to access the app directly from Chrome (or another browser, like Samsung Internet, or Edge) rather than clicking a link from within Chrome. You can do this by opening the browser and typing the URL