Difficulty scanning the barcode

It is important that the camera is able to focus on the barcode. 

Some tips to help with this:

  • Position barcode at the centre of the frame (marked by a red ‘+’).
  • Don’t hold the barcode too close to the camera.
  • Try holding the barcode approximately 10cm from the camera, then slowly move it away.
  • It can sometimes help to lay the tube on a table rather than holding it in the air with nothing behind it.

Camera permissions

When you first use the camera to take a sample, you’ll need to allow camera permissions. If camera permissions have not been enabled, some of the following information can help.

For Android phones: This can be done by going to Settings -> Apps -> Chrome -> Permissions -> Camera.  Then select “Allow only while using the app” (or just toggle to “on” depending on your software version).  You might then need to close chrome by going to recent apps (the button with 3 vertical bars at the bottom of the screen) and then select “close all”.
We then recommend a restart of the phone for completeness.  

For iPhones: go to Settings->Safari->Camera->set access to allow  

Is my phone too old?

We’ve added a warning to the web app for any iOS device lower than 13.4 because that is the minimum required version for using the “add to home screen” feature; the barcode scanning will probably work down to approx version 11, however we don’t currently have a device old enough to test this on.