How often should I test?

Note: The information below is for permitted workers crossing the alert level boundary. Border workers should refer to their information pack or employer for these details.

The Ministry of Health states that workers who are permitted to cross the alert level boundary will be required to show evidence that they have had a test in the previous seven days. Saliva testing is done as a series of 2 tests at least 2 days apart.

A good tip is to create a regular schedule such as completing and dropping off your samples on Monday and Thursday each week, for example.

Your test is recorded as being completed once you record the drop box it has been delivered into – the app will walk you through this process.

Proof of test

The Ministry of Health website says that providing a proof of test (you don’t have to wait for the test result, just provide evidence that you’ve had a test) will be in addition to permission to travel documentation (the Business Travel Document, work order or employer letter) that all workers must carry to travel in and out of Auckland.

There is no cost for essential workers to get a test for this purpose.