How to Provide a Sample

30 mins before collecting your saliva sample you must not:

Chew gum

Eat food or drink

Brush your teeth

Smoke or vape

12 step process for sample collection

Do wash and dry your hands before providing your sample.

Select a tube and a plastic biohazard bag from the saliva testing booth

Open the COVID-19 Saliva Testing App & scan the barcode label on the tube.

Remove lid from the saliva tube.

Tilt your head forward and allow saliva to pool in the front of your mouth.

Gently dribble the saliva forming in your mouth into the tube. Keep going until there is at least 1ml in the tube.

Screw the lid back on the tube carefully, make sure it’s tight.

Use the COVID-19 Saliva Testing App to scan the barcode on the tube (it will automatically register the collection time).

Put your tube into a plastic biohazard bag and close the seal on the bag.

Take the biohazard bag to the drop-off point, scan the QR code at the drop off point.

Drop your sample into the drop off point to complete the process.

Sanitise again. That’s it – thank you!

Sample is picked up by lab courier and transported to lab.

Your test history and results will be available within the app.

How and when you will get your results?

Your results will be provided within 48 hours from the time your sample is received at the testing laboratory.

Results are sent to the COVID-19 test result repository held by ESR. Using a secure electronic system, a text message is automatically sent out from ESR to your mobile phone as soon as the result is available.

Where do I access my results?

Your results will be available to you via text message.


In many border workplaces there will be one or more saliva sample collection booths. This is where you will find a supply of tubes and biohazard bags.

The sample drop off point will be located close to the booth, this is where you will drop your completed samples. The sample collection booths will be easily visible with distinct signage and will have easily visible sample collection instructions to help you.

You can drop the sample into the drop-off point anytime within 12-hours of making the sample.

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