Information for Border Workers

Important update

The Ministry of Health has announced that from 11 March 2022 the saliva testing programme will no longer be available as a publicly funded COVID test for border workers. Border workers will use Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs). These are not provided by APHG.    

Thursday 10 March will be the final day you can submit your saliva test and drop it to a collection drop-box.

The saliva test collection booths and drop-off points will be removed from workplaces after the 10 March.

For information about how to access RATs, or for your testing requirements, speak to your employer.

If your workplace wishes to continue using saliva testing, please contact us here.

Information pack

Border workers

Everything you need to know from How to Register to Frequently Asked Questions is in here.

Employers of border workers

Find out how to update the Border Worker Testing Register; how to help staff with the Border Work Information Pack; and how long it takes for updates to be made during the process.

Do you have border workers
not using the app?

Employers Label Order Form.

Click on the ‘order labels’ button below, and fill out the form to order tube labels for those border workers not using the Saliva Testing app.


Labels are ONLY available to Border and MIQ workers

To order labels manually and send via email, download the form below and send to

Step-by-step guide to using the COVID-19 Saliva Testing App

The easy step-by-step guide explains how to register for the app as well as completing your first saliva testing collection.

How the Service Works

Opt-in / Register.

Get the app.

Collect a test kit.

Provide saliva sample.

Provide saliva Drop-off your saliva kit..

Results available on the app.

Find your nearest pick-up and drop-off locations

The following are the currently available public test kit pick-up and test drop-off locations for your saliva sample. Keep checking back for updates as more sites become available.

For many employees, you will be able to collect your test kit from your workplace and can drop off your sample to any of the following locations.

Resources for Employers

Support Hub for Employees