Information for publicly funded users

This information is relevant to those who met the criteria of a permitted worker who required surveillance testing to cross the Auckland alert level boundary, or educators who required surveillance testing to return to work.

Funded saliva testing for workers ends 28 January 2022

This service ends for all active users by 28 January. Registrations for new users are closed.

Following the removal of the Auckland regional boundary on 16 January, the Ministry of Health advises there is no longer a requirement for workers to submit a saliva sample for testing, and as of 28 January 2022 saliva testing for workers (excluding border workers) will no longer be publicly funded.

If you met the criteria for funded saliva testing and are not a border or MIQ worker, it means our service to you will be phased out and the last day to submit a saliva sample will be 28 January 2022. Going forward the app will no longer allow you to submit a sample.

To continue using saliva testing

Privately funded saliva testing
APHG has offered privately funded saliva testing for businesses who don’t meet the Government’s publicly funded criteria. If your business would like to continue using the service in the same way you do now, you can send an enquiry here. Do this as soon as possible and before 28 January to prevent service disruption. 

Do you have unused test kits? 

If you have unused sample collection tubes and bags, these can be returned by either contacting us at or returning to one of our testing labs located throughout the country. Please DO NOT drop them into a drop-box.

Already registered and using our app?

If you are unvaccinated and are already using the saliva testing programme for your current testing requirements, you can continue using this service until 31 January 2022 as proof of a negative test to travel, however using a Rapid Antigen Test is encouraged for this purpose.

Eligible funded worker information pack

Everything you need to know from How the service works to Frequently Asked Questions is in here.

Note: the information contained in this information pack is relevant as of 14 December 2021, before the Auckland boundary was lifted.

Get your saliva testing kits

A Saliva Test kit includes 1 tube and 1 biohazard bag. The tube has an important barcode you’ll need to use to record your test in the app.

• You can collect a test kit from any of the available pick-up locations listed here throughout New Zealand. You do not have to collect your test kit in Auckland
• This list has new pick-up locations being added regularly – keep checking back for new locations
• Check with your employer if they have test kits available at your workplace
• If collecting test kits from non-workplace locations, we recommend collecting 4 kits at a time to supply you with 2 weeks of saliva testing
• We need to manage distribution and supply of test kits so we ask that you only take max 4 kits from any location outside of your workplace
• View current pick up locations here

Order test kits for your workplace


You need to have registered your staff before ordering test kits.

• If you have more than 25 employees workplaces can request test kits to be delivered to one location to be available to your staff
• Include the number of employers, your business name, address for delivery and contact information

Step-by-step guide to using the COVID-19 Saliva Testing App

The easy step-by-step guide explains how to register for the app as well as completing your first saliva testing collection.

How the Service Works

Opt-in / Register.

Get the app.

Collect a test kit.

Provide saliva sample.

Drop-off your saliva kit..

Results available on the app.

Find your nearest pick-up and drop-off locations

The following are the currently available public test kit pick-up and test drop-off locations for your saliva sample. Keep checking back for updates as more sites become available.

For many employees, you will be able to collect your test kit from your workplace and can drop off your sample to any of the following locations.


From 8pm Wednesday 15 Dec, the GAS Te Hana Saliva Testing drop-off location will no longer be available for use. We understand this location is popular among many drivers passing through here, however following the Auckland regional boundary being lifted at 11.59pm Tues 14 Dec, the Covid Vaccine Pass will replace the need for many to use any of our saliva testing drop-boxes going forward.

Should you continue using the saliva testing drop-off locations, Caltex Kaiwaka and Warkworth are the nearest options from Te Hana from Wednesday evening. 

We have been incredibly fortunate to have businesses nearby the Auckland regional border allow us to provide a Saliva Testing drop-off box for permitted workers and we are grateful for their support.

Resources for Employers

Support Hub for Employees