Information for Employers


  • The Border Worker Testing Register (BWTR) must be updated for a border worker to participate in saliva testing
  • Allow one business day from BWTR update for border worker to be gin testing
  • Border workers can access the Border Worker Info Pack for registration and sample collection
  • PCBUs must order printed labels for border workers who will not be using the Saliva Testing App for sample identification.

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Step 1: BWTR to be updated

For border workers participating in saliva testing, the first step is for the Border Worker Testing Register (BWTR) to be updated.

The BWTR should be updated with the “opt in” preference. Once the “opt in” preference has been entered into the BWTR, APHG will be notified.

Ask if the border worker will use the smartphone Saliva Testing App.

It is best to use the App wherever possible and should be encouraged. Border workers who do not have a smartphone can participate by using the manual process. Information to support workers who need printed labels for the manual process is included in Step 5.

Step 2: Allow one business day

From the point that the BWTR has been updated, please allow one business day for the necessary database update to occur.

This ensures APHG’s IT system recognises the border worker identification details and allows the border worker to seamlessly register.

Step 3: Border Worker Information Pack

Once steps 1 and 2 are complete border workers can reference the Border Worker Information Pack (BWIP) provided by APHG.

The BWIP pack contains the information a border worker will need to get started and begin submitting saliva samples.

Step 4: Border Worker Registration

The first step for a border worker is to register their smartphone for the Saliva Testing App. This will allow them to use the electronic (paperless) system for sample submission.

Please advise border workers who intend using the Saliva Testing App to wait one business day from the time that the BWTR is updated before they attempt the smartphone registration process.

Step 5: Supporting Border Workers who cannot use the Saliva Testing App

Border Workers can participate in the saliva testing programme if they do not have access to a smartphone, or cannot use their smartphone.

We strongly recommend use of the App to speed up the sample collection and testing process, and enhance the sample tracking and compliance monitoring processes.

On request, APHG will provide individualised pre-printed labels for workers who cannot use the Saliva Testing App.

The instructions for providing a saliva sample and labelling with the printed label are included in the Border Worker Information Pack on page 12. Standalone instruction sheets for the manual process are available.

To support Border Workers who cannot use the Saliva Testing App, PCBUs must:

  • Complete a manual order label form on the Label Order Form page here:
  • Fill in the required fields for each worker who requires pre-printed labels
  • Use the Add button to request labels for multiple workers and fill in the required fields for each worker
  • Facility name is the name of the business that labels will be sent to, location is the city or worksite where the business is located
  • Press Send – this will submit your label order to APHG
  • Labels are expected to be delivered within 4 days of the order

A download PDF order form is available from the same Order Labels page. If you use this form, send the completed Label Order Form via email to:

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